Intelligent Solutions for COVID Secure Workplaces


Providing impartial COVID secure certification services so business can continue in the safest possible environment


Intelligent Solutions for COVID Secure Workplaces

Providing impartial COVID secure certification services so business can continue in the safest possible environment.

Providing a COVID secure workplace environment is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today.

Envirassure is a privately owned independent company with eight years of experience working with antimicrobial and nanotechnology products. We have been selecting and applying the most effective long-lasting antimicrobial coatings to the frequently touched surfaces in UK businesses since January 2020.

Our team are expert in the supply and maintenance of products and coatings that reduce the risk of the surface spread of pathogens in workplace environments. We work with businesses who are determined to provide as safe an environment as possible for their employees, customers and visitors.


We have spent the last year testing numerous COVID related products that reduce the risk of transmission and make surfaces safer. We only supply, apply and certify products and coatings that have passed both independent laboratory testing, and field testing carried out at our own facility.

Are you worried about how to return to the workplace safely?

Having made substantial investment in time and resources to create a working environment that encourages hard work, innovation and fosters a great team spirit, your incredible workplace has been nearly empty during the COVID pandemic and we expect you’re probably looking for the best solution to bring your top team back to the office safely. We’ll devise a strategy to make your workplace safe that fits with your brand so you can go back to doing what you do best.

Our customers tell us that they rely on us to cut through the COVID noise to supply the most effective long-lasting coatings and products and to ensure their workplace is safe.

What the EnvirAssure service Includes

Initial consultation, Site Visit & Survey


We’ll conduct an initial consultation with you, normally carried out on Zoom/Teams call, to establish your requirements and understand how your business ticks.

This is followed by a consultation meeting with an in person or virtual site survey to enable us to deliver a tailored quotation for your workplace.

Application, Installation & Initial Certification


Our fully trained technicians will apply coatings and install products agreed and take initial test “before and after” swabs and readings.

We will issue your first Certificate of compliance to Envirassure standards.

Maintenance Visits & Certification


Our technicians will visit your workplace quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly, take additional test swabs and carry out any maintenance or remedial work to ensure your workplace is COVID Secure and compliant with Envirassure standards.

After each visit, your workplace will receive a certification of compliance.


Additional Envirassure benefits


Access to our exclusive research data for new product innovation designed to increase workplace safety and employee wellbeing. We will keep you up to date with our research and test results for new and interesting products that could make your workplace safer.


Access to our wellbeing research tools to help you understand how your team are feeling. We can conduct surveys of your colleagues or customers to help you understand their views and develop plans to improve customer satisfaction or employee wellbeing.


Our customers describe us as their “go to people” for matters relating to workplace safety and employee wellbeing.